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Family Day 2017

Here at Clayton Transitional Center, once a year we hold what’s called Family Day. This is a day that members of the Resident's family get to come spend the entire day, hanging out on the actual compound of this prison, where the Residents live and function, walking the track together, playing games on the yard such as horseshoes, Grilling burgers and hot dogs, there’s clowns and a Bounce House and many other activities that all are so very enjoyable for the whole family.

Is prison ministry something you have thought about but didn’t know how to get involved? Have you always thought it was a huge time commitment? You can be a Family Day volunteer with a one day commitment. Family Day only lasts 3 hours, and we do all our orientation and set-up 2 hours before the party. The planning is done for you. It is EASY to be a volunteer! At a Family Day event you may see some people worship with their loved ones for the first time. A Resident may decorate their first cookie with their child. We all will sing, play, and eat together. Of course we will all get to know one another better.

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