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Our Programs

Many of our Residents have been incarcerated for many years and have no family or resources to provide the basics.  Mercy Outreach steps up to fill these needs.

Many residents enjoy reading, Mercy Outreach provides books on a large variety of topics such as; Theological, Reference, Educational and Fiction.  The library also contains a nice selection of DVD's that the Residents may check out and watch in the Mercy Outreach provided Media Room.


For those residents that have no outside resources Mercy Outreach provides toiletries such as: Toothpaste, tooth brushes, soap, lotion, deodorant, razors, and toilet paper.


The music program includes a keyboard, drums, guitars (electric, bass and acoustic), microphones, and sound system. This attracts those interested in music and allows the men to provide the praise and worship during church services.

Sewing Supplies

Mercy outreach provides a sewing machine, thread, needles and cloth that the residents may use to patch, repair, replace any torn or damaged clothing


Many of our Residents have been incarcerated for many years and have no clothes or family to provide clothing.  We meet this need by providing clothing that the resident may use for Job Iinterviews, work and family visits. 

Spiritual Counseling

Chaplian Sue provides one on one spiritual (non-denominational) counseling for the residents that feel a calling to their God.  In addition Mercy Outreach provides Grief Counseling and addiction group support.

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