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Christmas 2019

For the last 9 years, Mercy Outreach has worked in Clayton Transitional Center providing spiritual counseling and meeting the physical needs of our returning citizens. We have proved hundreds of men with prayer, counseling, clothes, hygiene supplies, and more as they prepare to re-enter society after being in prison. Just recently we have added Phillips Transitional Center to our mission. This assistance is made possible through generous donations from you. For our Christmas project, we are working with Charis Gathering at Helms Facility (a special mission facility that houses men who need special medical care and pregnant women) to provide a special Christmas bag and a meal to the 750 men and women at these facilities on December 13, 2019.

Is prison ministry something you have thought about but didn’t know how to get involved? Have you always thought it was a huge time commitment? You can be a Christmas volunteer with a one day commitment. The Christmas package give-away and meal only lasts 3 hours, and we do all our orientation and set-up 2 hours before the party. The planning is done for you. It is EASY to be a volunteer!

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